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Is your broadband speed as quick as it's supposed to be?
12/6/2010 3:19:55 PM

It's so easy for internet service provides to publish super fast broadband rates but do you actually ever get near the speed they quote. The answer is simply No! There are some valid reasons such as quality of line, internet usage in the area etc but you can end up paying for 8mb broadband and only actually getting 1mb. Check your broadband real speed at the following website and if it's way below what you are paying for then get on to your ISP. They might be able to sort it out or consider switching. Ofcom are looking at this at the moment but the big problem is the good old telephone lines simply cannot provide a decent speed the further from an exchange you are.

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HomeTestimonialsForumBloggerAbout MeData ProtectionPrivacy PolicySitemap