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PC Engineers copying personal data
11/18/2010 9:14:40 AM
Check out as far as possible any PC/Laptop engineer before you let them take your machine and all your files away for repair. Some have been known to copy customers photos etc and use them for their own means. Make sure they are registered with the Information Commissioners Office. I am and I'm happy to show you my original registration document (please ask before I come to see you so I can bring it with me). Check out my data protection page for more information.
Beware the Microsoft Scammers
11/18/2010 9:09:46 AM
Some people have become victims of a scam where they have been contacted by people pretending to be from Microsoft to say a problem has been identified with their PC and wanting to remotely access the PC to fix it. Microsoft will never contact you in this way. You can get plenty of help on their website or via the telephone. Just hang up on those scammers. If you do think you might have a virus then give me a call for an affordable removal service.
Make sure your Windows systems are up to date
11/8/2010 6:56:30 PM
It's so important to keep your Windows systems up to date, especially the older ones such as Windows XP or Windows VISTA. Big updates are called Service Packs and XP now has 3 of them and VISTA has 2. If you don't have the latest Service Pack then Microsoft no longer support your system and this leaves security holes. So update to help keep hackers and viruses at bay. Updates also fix many problems too to help your computer or laptop work better. If you are not sure how to check you have all the updates etc then get in touch with me.
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