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Laptop Repairs Billingham
Laptop Repairs Stockton-on-Tees
Laptop Repairs Middlesbrough
Laptop Repairs Norton
Laptop Repairs Ingleby Barwick
Laptop Repairs Hartlepool
Laptop Repairs Teesside
Laptop Repairs Darlington
Laptop Repairs Bishop Auckland
Laptop Repairs Eaglescliffe
Laptop Repairs Peterlee
Laptop Repairs Cleveland
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Laptop Repairs Eaglescliffe

Your Laptop can be beset by many problems, usually when it's most inconvenient. I can help you avoid these before they end up costing the earth or a failed computer. Below is a small list of the most common issues which can result in an early laptop repair.


The fans in your laptop pull cooler air in and push out the hot air to keep things running cool. Any dust in the air gets sucked in too and sticks to the internal components causing them to heat up further. Laptops are especially prone to overheating due to minimal number of vents.

Broken Screen
One of the top laptop repairs I undertake are replacing the screens. This is either due to failure or damage from accidents. These are easily replaceable and don't cost the earth like you might think. I can usually get the repair done within 2 days.

Keyboard Replacement
Lost or broken keys. Spilt liquid or just wear and tear. All laptop keyboards can be replaced or even just the keys. Inexpensive and a quick repair.

DC Power Socket or USB Socket Replacement
It's so easy to catch the power lead or go to move the laptop and damage the sockets on your laptop/netbook. Again, these can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new laptop.

Viruses, malware & spyware
One of the biggest problems with the internet. Even just visiting a website can lead to a virus infection. Watch out for messages suggesting you have a virus and links to get it cleared. These often actually install further viruses and are very hard to remove with standard anti-virus systems.

Slow running & lost internet connections
Over time installs, updates and removing files and programs leave bits of files that do nothing other than slow your machine down. This also contributes to low space on your system resulting in lost connections.

Intermittent errors, freezing & restarts
All symptons of a faulty power charger, memory,CD/DVD drive, failed driver, program installs or system updates. It can get so bad your system could stop working altogether.

Computer wont start

Usually a physical problem with one of your components or a bad software install for a device (called a driver).

Loss of important files and data
All of the above can cause you to lose data and your important files so it's important to backup. Something not usually thought about till its too late.

Your internet security
It's a jungle out there on the world wide web. Viruses & scams are just a couple of the dangers of surfing the net. If you have a wireless network it needs securing otherwise anyone could use or even hijack your internet and get you in serious trouble.

IT Knowledge
One of the biggest problems is not knowing what to look out for when installing programs or using the internet. Knowledge is the key.

All of these problems, and lets face it they usually happen at the worst time, can be resolved before it's too late. If you get in touch with me I will not only fix your computer or laptop problem but will also help you to avoid the same problems in the future.



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